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We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best care possible.

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We have four (4) convenient clinic locations throughout the Ottawa area to better serve your needs closer to home. 

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A medical assessment by a specialist is necessary to assess specific concerns and provide the most effective treatment.

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Trusted Specialists

Our Pedorthists are experts in biomechanics and are trained to design a treatment plan that is custom to your mechanical needs.


Custom Orthotics

Our trained foot specialists will help and advise you to make the proper decision when choosing custom foot orthotics, orthotic friendly footwear, and orthopaedic appliances.

Effective Treatments

We treat our patients with many conditions: Plantar fasciitis, Heel Spur Syndrome, Morton’s Neuroma, Corns, Gout, Fungal Nails, Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, and Varicose veins.

Multiple Locations

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best foot care, you can find us in multiple locations such as Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata, and Rockland.

Our Clinic

Proudly providing excellence in foot care for over 20 Years!

Our team of experienced Pedorthists and Chiropodist/Foot Specialists are here to help you keep active and on your feet.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our Treatments


Custom made foot orthotics, fitted specifically for you.

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Plantar Fasciitis

A condition where the plantar fascia becomes inflamed and painful.

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Heel Spur

A bony protrusion off the bone where the plantar fascia inserts.

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Heel Pain

Localised pain or burning sensation in the heel of the foot.

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A bump on the side of the large toe due to its deviation inwards.

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A term used to describe pain in the area of the ball of the foot.

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Benign tumor of a digital foot nerve.

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A small area of dense callus that sits deeper in the skin. 

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Calluses an area of thickened skin caused by tissue stress.

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Gout is caused by uric acid crystals that are deposited within a joint space.

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Aching, stiffness and generalized pain in areas of the foot and ankle.

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A viral infection of the skin caused by HPV.

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Ingrown Toenails

Painful toenail growth under the skin of the toe that can progressively get worse

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Fungal Nails / Thickened Nails

A fungal infection that affects the a portion or all of the nail plate.

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Pediatric Consultations

Orthodics, foot or ankle consultation for young children.

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In Office Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures related to foot and ankle conditions or pains.

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Orthopedic Shoes

There are a number of advantages Orthopedic shoes can offer you.

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Our Clinical Team

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