What is a Callus?

A callus is a bump that is formed by hard and thickened layers of skin. They appear on your feet and this is a mechanism for the skin to protect itself from friction or pressure. In particular, calluses can appear on the heel and are unsightly rather than a condition to be worried about. Sometimes, a callus can be mistaken for a corn. Indeed, they are similar. However, a corn is normally smaller, while calluses can be bigger and consist of thicker, drier skin.

Treatments for a Callus

Soak your feet in warm salty water

In order to remove a layer of skin, you can soak your feet in warm salty water. Salt is known to be a natural exfoliator, which can help with this process. It can soften the skin and this can allow you to use a pumice stone to remove the skin. Apply a little pressure and this should cause no pain. It is recommended to soak your feet like this every day to help the callus.

Use an Acidic Product

You can also soak your callus in products that contain acid. This can help soften the hard skin. For example, you can soak your foot in lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar. You can also use a pumice stone. This is a treatment that is repeated often.

Soothe with Castor or Tea Tree Oil

Both castor oil and tea tree oil can help to often the skin. It can also help to prevent cracked skin that can cause discomfort. Thus, you should apply one of these oils on a daily basis. This can help with calluses. In addition, tea tree oil is known to be great at fighting infections since it works as an antiseptic.

Visit a Foot Specialist

A lot of the time, home treatment is enough to control a callus on your foot. However, there are some occasions when it is best to visit a foot specialist. For example, if you see that there are cracks around the area, bleeding or a change of colour, these are signs that something could be more serious. Indeed, a chiropodist will be able to tell you what is wrong and how to treat the callus. Proper fitting shoes are very important to control calluses. Your chiropodist can ensure that your shoes are a good fit or recommend good shoes to you.

Once you get rid of the callus, proper after-care will be essential. This is going to prevent the callus from returning and ensure that you do not get an infection. For example, wear fresh pairs of socks and ensure that the skin is moisturized. In addition, keep your toenails trimmed.